PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

5th Grade Science: Testing sugars

Hello families!

Your help is needed! The 5th graders are really getting into their Food and Nutrition Unit! The past two weeks the students explored how the amount of grease in foods can indicate the amount of fat that food contains.

Today, 501 and 502 conducted an experiment to see what ingredients could activate yeast the most. When the students added an animal cracker to a bag of yeast and water, they noticed it bubbled a lot more than when no food was present. After further exploration, we looked at the two main ingredients: flour and sugar. Below you will find some pictures from our results! Using this to guide our learning, the students will test different cereals on Wednesday to see which cereals contain the most sugar.

Here is where you come in! It would be greatly appreciated if students can bring in a small ziplock of their favorite cereals from home! No need to buy anything, just a small amount from a box you may already have at home.


From left to right: sugar, animal cracker, flour