PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Room Update: 4/26/18

This week in dance, fourth and fifth graders have been working on individual tasks that are designed to give the students an opportunity to use the choreographic tools they are learning. This includes mirror and shadowing, the ABA template, rondo, canon,  unison and chance dance. They continue to explore the fundamentals of dance by creating, performing and responding to movement.

Third graders are math movers again! Using their bodies to create numbers and shapes, dancers worked  both individually and in small groups to connect math and dance. How can a group of 8 students create a triangle with only 12 body parts supporting on the ground? These dancers worked quickly to build a formation and solve the math problem of body bases on the floor. Great Work! Next week, they will try to build group shape sculptures.

In second grade, dancers have been working in small groups to discuss and create movement for various world celebrations. They are being asked to use their bodies to describe what they have learned about these special days. Next, the groups will be rearranged so that each new group can create a dance showing all of the traditional celebrations that they have learned. These dancers are also getting a chance to build  props that can be used to enhance their dances.

The first grade continues to study emotions and how we can deepen the expression of our feelings through dance. This week, we explored sad shapes using scarves. Then I had partners do a “cheer up” happy dance to show the contrast between the feelings. And in kindergarten, students continue to explore changing shapes to the sound of percussion. They are learning how to listen to music and hear the beginning of a musical phrase. The students are practicing moving and being still in clear articulate body shapes.

It has been a very fun week in the dance room!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Diane