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4th Grade Vocabulary

Dear Fourth Grade,

In an effort to continue our inquiry work around the Revolutionary War I asked both classes which words keep on coming up for them when they are researching the Revolutionary War.

Words generally come into three categories.  Words that only come up within a specific topic, (*Think specific scientific terms) words that can be found in several topics, (*scaffolding for example) and words that are common in our everyday conversation.

Here are the words what we call tier 2 or 3 words.  Words that are very specific to the Revolutionary war and also may pop up in other specific topics.

  • militia
  • declaration
  • governor
  • delegates
  • tyranny
  • legislature
  • revolution
  • minuteman
  • regiment
  • amendment
  • plantation
  • stand trial
  • transcontinental
  • patriot
  • loyalist

Over the next few weeks we will be diving deep into their meanings, roots, suffixes, and related words.  I will give them a vocabulary matching test where they need to match each word up with its definition.

If you are curious to learn more about tiers of words this is a nice quick read.

Click here.