PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update week of 4/30/18

Reinforcing Kindergarten’s prior color knowledge, they chose warm or cool colors to paint a morning or night sky, learning how to blend the colors. Subsequently, students cut out silhouettes of buildings for their city skyline and added lit windows.
First grade finished their invented animals in clay.
Second graders were introduced to the artist Peter Max, and began heart paintings in warm and cool colors, blending brushstrokes in Max’s style.
Third grade missed art this week due to test taking.
Fourth grade continues to work on creating animals out of letters, referencing a book called “Alphabeasties” by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss.
Fifth graders continue to draw their names in one point perspective, establishing the horizon line, vanishing point, rendering orthogonal lines, and adding personal touches.
Sixth grade students having chosen their “spirit animal,” are creating a canopic jar out of recycled materials, paper maché and clay.
Seventh grade learned about Telavera Tile designs, Spanish influenced designs produced in Mexico. Students have to create a design in one tile, that creates a new design when printed and rotated 4 times. Eight grade continues to work on patterned Repoussé designs on 36 gauge metal sheets. They work the designs on the front as well as the back of the sheet, creating concave and convex designs.
Art Portfolio Club: cancelled this week due to illness.
Stage Crew: students are busily painting “Whoville” on a 5 yard long canvas.
Weaving lunch club/recess: I am very impressed with this groups’ focus and creativity.
Beading lunch club/recess: students are becoming experts at making paper beads.