PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Math: Story Problems

In math we have begun a new unit focusing on story problems.  Students are exploring the operations of addition and subtraction as they act out, model and solve story problems. Kindergartners are learning and sharing different strategies to solve problems and record their work on paper.  Here is one example of a story problem we solved this week:

Ms. Griner was cleaning up after choice time.  

She found 5 Lego pieces on the floor.  

She found 6 Lego pieces on the table.  

How many Lego pieces did she find?

Students are learning to use different strategies to solve the problem and then show their thinking on  paper. Some students might use their fingers and count them all. Some students might start at one number and count on.  Some other students may use their knowledge of 5+5 to help them figure out 5+6. We are learning that there are lots of ways to think about and solve math problems.