PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Happy Mother’s Day, all day, every day!

Here’s what we love doing with our moms! We celebrate all BSI moms every day! Your love is eternal, and you are timeless magic! Today, we carved out a little bit of creative time to make something thoughtful, for you! Thank you, for showing your love, sharing your own passions/interests, and spending quality time just being present with us!

We invite all family members, and hope to see you all on Friday, May 18th, for Family and Friends morning @ BSI. Have a lovely weekend!

Please remember to send back the Ellis Island trip slips, too! You will also be invited in June, for our musical Immigration performance (stay tuned!) Lastly, the BSI Talent Show will take place on June 1st from 6-8pm. We have many 5th graders eager to perform!

  • I like to bake with my mom-Edie
  • I like to watch baseball with my mom-Molly
  • I like driving with my mom-John B.
  • I like playing music with my mom- Daria
  • I like watching Frasier with my mom! -David K
  • I like watching TV with my mom. -Ian C.
  • I enjoy trying to play catch with my mom – Joshua K.
  • I enjoy going out with my mom~ Nicky B.
  • I enjoy walking with my mom- Hudson
  • I love watching cooking shows with mom -Nigel P.
  • I love watching TV and talking with my mom – Megan N.
  • I like playing h.q. with my mom. -Imtiaz
  • I like going out for lunch with my mom- David M
  • I like playing solitaire with my mom-Christian
  • I like staying home with my mom ~ Raymond Chen 
  • I like talking to my mom-Alessandro M.
  • I like to bake with my mom- Abigail Ivry
  • I like to take walks with my mom- Amaya
  • I like to to do math problems with my mom- Zihan
  • I like to go to parties with my mom and doing her makeup – Michelle 
  • I like watching TV with my mom-Daniel R.
  • I like cooking and eating with my mom. -Jessica
  • I LOOVE Dancing and Singing with my MOTHER OF MILKYWAYS! -Dashel
  • I like climbing with my mom-Julian Z.
  • I like to watch movies with my mom- Axl M.
  • I like reading and cooking with my mom -Eleanor B.
  • I enjoy riding roller coasters and cooking with my mom.- Skye M.
  • I enjoy playing soccer with my mom. -Mina A.
  • I enjoy going places with my mom.-Jayden
  • I enjoy hanging out with my mom, and going shopping with her. -Kelly V.
  • I enjoy walking with my mom.-Ryan
  • I enjoy cooking with my mom-Emily
  • I love cooking with my mom and going shopping with her. -Isabel K
  • I enjoy doing heavy construction on the house with my mom-Tabor
  • I enjoy drawing with my mom.- Alexandra 
  • I enjoy laying with my mom.-Henry D.
  • I enjoy going shopping, going to restaurants, and painting with my mom. -Abby S
  • I enjoy watching movies and solving math problems with my mom.-David B
  • I enjoy playing gamaes and going to amusement parks with my mom – Daniel G
  • I enjoy going to hockey tournaments with my mom- Kody
  • I enjoy hanging out with both of my moms! -Evie
  • I enjoy going places with my mom- Selena
  • I like playing cards with my mom – Gabriel
  • I like playing games with my mom-Henry L
  • I like watching TV with my mom-Tyler M
  • I like playing games and going places with my mom – Michael I
  • I enjoy reading with my mom-Isabelle S.
  • I have fun playing board games and watching TV with my Mom – Alexander A.
  • I like talking to my mom and doing fun things with her, like chess or cards. – Max Z.
  • I enjoy exercising with my mom-Lindy F.
  • I really like playing board games with my mom – Arden B.
  • I like playing chess with my mom – Simona H.
  • I like to talk with my mom- Paul O.
  • I like to play cards with my mom-Lawrence L.
  • Like going places, talking, and eating with my mom. -Alison W.




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Also, here is a sneak peek into our Immigration Diary Projects! Stay tuned, for more on Family & Friends Day!