PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Morning Thoughts

I hope that everyone is having a good start to their morning.  It was a pleasure to meet new friends and family members that traveled to BSI for Friday’s event.  The energy was very positive, and I do believe that we are a united family.

As I drove away from school, I listened to the news reports of yet another school shooting.  My thoughts are with the victims’ families and the Santa Fe community as a whole.  As you prepare to send your child/ren back to school tomorrow, I wanted to assure you that, although we spend a great deal of time discussing how to improve the academic experience of our students, our top priorities are safety and the social emotional health of our students.  Just as we did in response to the tragedy in Parkland, we will follow the lead of the students. We will respond to their needs in the event that they ask questions or express concern, and we will support students that choose to take action in response to the tragedy.
I look forward to greeting all of our students shortly.