PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update 5/21/18

We interrupted Kindergarten’s “Monsters don’t Eat Broccoli,” lesson to create the Kindergarten Café collage posters prior to the opening on May 29th. Students wrote all of the pertinent information, and then cut out, positioned, and glued photos of food that will be served in the café onto their posters.
First graders have painted their paper maché ice cream cones (Oldenburg, Thiebaud) with white acrylic paint to prevent the newsprint from smearing off, and to brighten the pastels paints they’ll be applying this week.

Second grade’s Brooklyn Bridge oil pastel and watercolor resist paintings were temporarily interrupted to create posters announcing the “Grand Opening” of the BSI post office on May 25th.

Third grade continued working on their Chinese landscape drawings after having visited the Chinese Scholars garden and drawing from observation.

Fourth grade largely finished working on creating animals out of letters, referencing a book called “Alphabeasties” by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss. Most began a new lesson on Kaleidoscope Radial Symmetry using their names and a nifty transfer trick.

Fifth graders started a new lesson on geometric quilt patterns within concentric circles, based upon the amazing quilt designs of Karen K. Stone.
Sixth grade just finished their Egyptian Canopic jars in time for the art show, and are now beginning a lesson on creating an abstract drawing out of a realistic one.

Seventh grade finished their Telavera Tile designs, and have begun a lesson on two point perspective. They can choose to use their name, or a more complex option of two words in two different perspectives.

Eighth grade has largely finished their patterned Repoussé designs on 36 gauge metal sheets, and have begun filling out a 7 page worksheet in order to create a Super-Hero or a Super-Villain. Mr. O’Hickey will be guest teaching the beginning of this unit as this is his specialty: we’re really looking forward to having him in our classroom.

The annual Art Show was put up over 2 days and taken down on Friday after school. We would really love some volunteers to help us file student work!

Art Portfolio Club: will end a little early this week due to the Family Fun event from 4:30 to 7:00PM on Wednesday.

Stage Crew: students have finished painting “Whoville” on a 15 foot long canvas which was mounted on 5 yard long by 2 yard high spinning frame over the weekend. We’re going to try and complete the 2nd canvas this week.
Weaving lunch club/recess: proceeds.
Beading lunch club/recess: proceeds.