PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Family Time!

302 had such a great turn-out last week at Family and Friends Day! I was so excited to see how many family members came to participate in our Geometry Stations! Families also got to experience Art with Ms. Nanna, and see the original artwork of our talented BSI artists at the annual Art Show.  I am looking forward to spending even more time with you at …

Family Fun Night! Last year we focused on math games, but this year we’re expanding to include some arts, literacy, and science activities as well. Everyone is welcome, including siblings. I hope to see many of you there! (4:30 – 7:00)

China Projects: Proposals for the students’ China Projects went home last Thursday and were due yesterday.  I have read all student proposals, and provided feedback if needed. If your child’s proposal says “APPROVED!”, then go ahead and start collecting your materials!  If your child had a post-it note, with a question or comment, please help your child refine and finalize his/her idea. Then, re-submit the proposal! Materials for the projects need to be brought into school by Friday (or Tuesday at the latest), so that we can start Project Time next week. Remember, all materials need to fit  a box for storage. We have to store 30 sets of materials and projects in progress- it would be helpful if we can stack up boxes. Our Share for the projects will be Wednesday, June 20th, so save the date! (Time to be determined.)


This coming week is Spirit Week! Tuesday, Patriotic Day (wear stars and/or red, white and/or blue). Wednesday, wear purple for our BSI Field Day. Thursday will be Sports Day (team apparel or sports gear) and Friday, we will wear or Crazy Socks while bowling with our 601 buddies!.