PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update, Week of 6/12/18

Kindergarten is finishing their multi-media collage based on the book “Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli” by  Barbara Jean Hicks and Sue Hendra. They drew a cityscape in oil pastel, used watercolor to paint the sky, drew monsters on which they printed textures, cut them out and glued them onto their cityscapes.
First grade finished the ice cream unit, painting Mod Podge onto their painted papier maché ice cream cones.
Second graders were introduced to the artist Peter Max, and began heart paintings in warm and cool colors, blending brushstrokes in Max’s style. This week they’ll add patterns.
Third grade put the finishing touches on their Chinese Scholar’s garden rice paper scrolls, and began a glue drawing from which they’ll create 4 crayon rubbings.
Fourth grade finished their kaleidoscope names with mirror symmetry.
Fifth graders are finishing their quilt circles based on Karen S. Stone’s designs.
Sixth grade students are creating abstract designs based on their names, focusing on creating a good composition with a limited color palette.
Seventh grade is finishing a drawing in 2 point perspective, then moving on to create “Monster Pillows” which they will sew out of felt.
Eight grade continues to work creating a cartoon super hero or super villain, and then a cartoon strip that includes the character.
Art Portfolio Club: students working on still lifes.
Stage Crew: finished 2 fifteen foot long by 6 feet high backdrops, now on a swiveling canvas frame. Pizza party this Thursday to celebrate their hard work.
Weaving lunch club/recess: continues.
Beading lunch club/recess: continues.