PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

BSI Food Drive

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Nearly 20% of New Yorkers rely of food programs to feed themselves and their families. That is why we, the 7th grader in Melissa’s advisory, are hosting a food drive in order to help provide for our fellow citizens in need.

You can donate by sending in food donations or visiting our virtual food drive. If each student/family can donate just a few non-perishable foods, we believe that BSI can make a lasting impact onto New Yorkers lives and health. If you have any non-perishable foods you are willing to donate please drop them off at room 439 by June 22nd. If you don’t have any extra foods, but you still want to help, there is a virtual food drive in which you can buy food online and donate it directly to the Food Bank For New York City. The link is here: Our Virtual Food Drive

We are thankful for any contribution, and we wish you all a good end of the school year!

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