PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Science: Grades 6-8, 6/18-26

Well, it was a long and difficult journey but, I hope, that the 8th graders have a deeper appreciation for how complex the human body and life, in general, is. Perhaps, some of them will develop a passion for curing some of the ailments that affect humans or will help clean up our environment and save some of the beautiful nature that we now can still enjoy.

With the end of the semester comes the end of, not only our science curriculum, but also our short unit on Drug Education. I hope they will take this knowledge and use it wisely as they get older and have to deal with situations that will arise in their future.

At the end of this semester, I hope that the 6th graders not only have a richer understanding of what the Earth is like, in terms of the weather, our place in outer space, and the forces that shape it, but that they also have been encouraged to think and act as a scientist would when looking at nature and the world around them.

Signing off until September.