PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Important Forms

Today or very soon, some things will travel home in your child’s backpack. They are very important and we need them back as soon as possible. Most of which are linked digitally below.  Here’s what you should see:
Everyone: (except new students, who completed one at registration): The blue card. We need you to complete a new one each year. Please do your best to make it legible; I know it’s ridiculously small. We use it to get your phone information in case we need to reach you quickly, so make sure those numbers are clear.
Everyone: Walking trip permission forms. We ask that you give blanket permission for your child to take walking trips in this neighborhood with the class. Please sign and return it right away.
Everyone: Media release forms & Student Work Slip. We need one of these on file each year so that we can use images and videos of classroom activities that may include your child on our website and in other school material.
Everyone: Lunch forms. Very important! The school MUST have a completed lunch form from every family, regardless of your income level. Send these back to us the day after you receive them, please; the school is required to submit them to a different DOE office promptly.
Grade 4-8: Cell phone policy. It outlines the expectations if students bring cell phones to school.
OPT Bus Students: Bus Contract. All students that ride one of the OPT buses need to submit a bus contract after carefully reading and discussing it at home.