PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gr 2 Blog 9/13/18

Dear Families,

Our second week of school is off to a great start! While we are still learning the rules and routines of second grade, we have started moving deeper into our subject areas. Here is a look at our week:

In Writer’s Workshop, we are talking together about what inspires us to write. We started the week by decorating our notebooks with things that mean something or are special to us. These pictures are sparking ideas for future writing pieces. We are also making a list of significant moments in our lives. We are going to be looking closely at these special moments and choosing one to become our seed idea. We will be taking the ‘seed idea’ and growing it just like a plant into a story. At home, you can help your child come up with ideas for writing. Talk with your child about special family memories or times when your child had a big feeling. Kids are sharing about times they were nervous to go on a ride at an amusement park, or feeling very excited about a relative coming to visit. The more ideas students have listed, the easier it to get started writing. Feel free to send in a list of ideas, and your child can add them to their “Idea File”.

In Reader’s Workshop, we have been discussing all the things readers do that help them be successful. We began by reflecting about “Who you are as a reader”. By thinking about their own reading styles and preferences, our students are on the path to becoming strong independent readers.

We have also been discussing what it looks like and sounds like to talk in a partnership. Whether it be in reading, writing, math, or social studies we have certain norms that we follow.

In Math Workshop, we have been working on different types of problems to assess the students’ thinking and strategies. As a class, we are sharing our ideas in partnerships and with the whole class community. We have focused on the “Habits of Mind” of persevering and communicating our thinking clearly.  As we work through different types of problems, we are setting up our norms for ourselves and our class community.

In Community Building, we have been busy talking about our Hopes and Dreams for second grade. We have noticed that while there may be similarities and differences among us, we all wish to be in a safe and respectful learning environment! This has led us into creating our class rules. It is important for all of our students to give their input and thoughts into our class rules. Once our rules are set all the students will sign the chart as an agreement to follow these rules. This gives all of us a sense of accountability and belonging in the classroom.

Here are just a few housekeeping items:

  • There is NO school Wednesday, September 19th.
  • Please do NOT send in snacks with nuts (any kind of nuts or nutella) There are students with allergies.
  • Scholastic will be submitted on the last day of the month. All orders are to be placed online.
  • Curriculum Night is on September 17th from 4:30-7. If you cannot make it that night the presentation for each class will be posted on the blog the next day.
  • Picture Day is October 10, 2018.
  • If anyone would like to donate games (educational) or craft supplies that they do not use anymore for Choice Time activities it would be greatly appreciated.

We hope you have a wonderful week!

Ms. Mathis and Ms. Anne