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Habits of Mind

We have completed our first math unit Habits of Mind. In this unit students reviewed addition and subtraction strategies while  demonstrating habits of mind (persistence, flexibility, precision and accuracy, working interdependently, and managing our impulses). We discussed the ability to work both independently, and interdependently (working together). Being able to work in a group, collaborate effectively, contribute your own ideas, and respect others’ ideas are lifelong skills!

In groups we created posters showcasing all the addition strategies we have in our “addition tool kits”. Our goal here was to collectively capture the range of approaches to each problem. In order to be a successful problem-solver, students need to develop a range of strategies, be flexible with their usage, and be able to clearly communicate their thinking. In addition, mathematicians need to be able to understand alternate strategies, even when those strategies do not match their own!

Last week students also played a  game called Close to 1,000 in partnerships. You will see a connection to this game in this week’s homework.  We also solved other problems with multiple solutions. The problem we solved was “How many possible combinations are there for 37¢?” This year, we will continue to work on organizing our solutions to problems with multiple answers, and work on the question- “How do you know you have found all possible solutions?”

In our next unit, we will briefly review subtraction strategies.  Students will continue to refine their strategies for subtraction and increase the fluency and speed in which they can solve problems within 1,000. They will be introduced to multi-step problems involving the operations of addition and subtraction.


We have decided to change our birthday policy.

Rather than celebrate birthdays monthly, we will be celebrating birthdays in the

following way:

October, November, and December birthdays will be celebrated in December.

January, February and March birthdays will be celebrated in March.

April, May, and June birthdays will be celebrated in June.


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No school on Columbus Day, October 8th

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