PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Math Game to Play at Home

Writing Workshop  

This week we are beginning to write personal narratives.  These are little 3-5 page stories students write about themselves.  Each page has one or two sentences and a picture. A big goal of this unit is writing with a focus.  Instead of writing about everything that happened during a day we want students to focus their writing on one or two important events and then elaborate these events by including details.   Throughout the next few weeks students will also learn to plan their writing before they start, to tell a story in sequence, to include feelings and dialogue and to work with a partner to make their writing more readable to others.  

Math Workshop

In math we learned a game called Double Compare to practice adding single digit numbers.  You can play this game at home.

Double Compare  

Play with a partner. Use an ordinary deck of cards with the face cards removed.

  1. Deal all cards face down.
  2. Both players turn over their top two cards.
  3. The player with the larger total says “Me” and takes the cards.
  4. Keep turning over two cards.  Each time, the player with the larger total says “Me” and takes the cards.
  5. The game is over when there are no more cards.  Who ever has more cards wins.


*The player with the smaller total says”Me” and gets to the keep the cards.

*Play with 3 players.

*Play with jokers as wild cards.  A wild card can be any number.

Don’t Forget:  We have a field trip on October 31st.  Please send in the permission slip and money if you have not already.