PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

First Grade Updates!


We have begun handwriting and word study in first grade.  We are continuing to use the same program that BSI kindergartners used for handwriting.  It is called “Fundations.” We began the year with a review of how to make each lowercase letter. We use special handwriting paper.  Each line is labeled with an icon and a name. Starting at the top there is the Sky Line, the Plane Line, the Grass Line and the Worm Line.  Attached is a guide that shows how each lowercase letter should be formed and some paper with icons.   You can print it and practice with your child home. Here you can find the paper with the icons. You can use this to help reinforce what we are learning in class.  


Last week we began to launch a new math unit on doubling.

Some goals of this unit are:

  • Understand that a double is a number made of two equal groups
  • Explore the connection between doubling and counting by 2s. (5+5=2+2+2+2+2)
  • Use knowledge of doubles to help with near doubles. (7+7=14 so 7+8=15)
  • Solve complex problems and communicate strategies through pictures and words

Social Studies

Our fall unit of social studies is about Families.  We began the unit by looking at who is in families. We read a book and learned that families can be big or small, and can be made up of many different kinds of people.  Students then thought about who is in their families and created their own family trees.

Readers Workshop

We are continuing to work on building good habits.  Here are the habits we have learned so far:

  1. Take a sneak peak at the beginning
  2. Check your sneak peak
  3. Read more and more!
  4. Set goals!
  5. Do something at the end (reread your favorite part, retell, think back, reread the entire book)
  6. Reread to sound like a storyteller
  7. Scoop up words and phrases
  8. Reread to see more

This week we started working on developing habits for solving tricky words. Ask your child to show you these habits!