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The Revision Process

301 and 302  have been busy drafting and revising our Personal Narratives. So far, writers have walked through these parts of the Writing Process– collecting entries, choosing a seed idea, planning, drafting, and now revising.

At curriculum night, we mentioned that third grade writers live in the world of revision. This is true! Third grade writers are expected to improve their craft by revisiting their writing repeatedly in order to consider ways to make their writing stronger.

Writers have been taught the following revision strategies:

  • Add details, dialogue and action
  • Try out a few different leads to your story (Start with dialogue, setting, or action)
  • Find the heart of your story and add more to the most important part
  • Write with big emotion, thinking about the feeling you want to convey to your reader

Writers look to mentor authors in order to study their craft. What makes their writing so powerful? In class we have looked to Karen Hesse, Julie Brickloe and Jane Yolen, who have written beautifully detailed and descriptive narratives.

Students will also revise by organizing their writing into paragraphs. In personal narrative, deciding where to place a paragraph is a craft choice. Paragraphing is a crucial skill that writers need to give their writing organization and structure. Writers will be taught the following possibilities:

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Our pieces will be ready for an audience Family Friday on October 26th! Please join us in the classroom as we share our published pieces with you.

Donations Needed:

Please send in Pink erasers for students to share (not eraser caps). Thank you!

Upcoming Dates:

October 26- Family Friday- Personal Narrative Share

January 24- Trip to Botanic Garden (Workshop)