PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gr6 Humanities: Developing our relationship with writing…

Friday, October 19th, was National Writing Day.  We wrote and drew as we explored our relationship with writing.  Some said they loved it, others said they hated it.  One common theme that kept emerging was enjoying the experience of writing until it was assigned and graded. Students loved the creative process while writing, but not when it was forced.

As we work towards developing our writing skills, we are basing our growth on where we came from.  What skills did I start with and what goals am I working towards? Writing affords us an opportunity to practice becoming more skilled at being reflective learners.  With each writing piece, there will be goals and subsequently a grade, but the emphasis will be on the process.

Each student’s goals will differ.  Their goals are continually established based on their progress according to our rubrics.  For our current rubric, refer to School Loop.

The overall goal is for each student to develop a better relationship with writing.

To quote one of our sixth grade students, writing is.. “A friend that no matter what, I will always have in my heart.”