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Where in the World are We?

Classes 301 and 302 have been engaged in the study of geography and maps in Social Studies this month. We have been tackling the question, Why Does Geography Matter?

Maps contain their own language of specialized terms and even mathematical concepts such as degrees coordinates measuring longitude and latitude. And while we have been learning to identify and name the seven continents and five oceans, we have also been doing the work of real cartographers, or map makers.

So far we have studied the history of mapping by studying the clay tablet maps of the ancient Babylonians and creating our own. This led to a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of clay and paper maps and the concept of ancient cultures using readily available resources to help them create a sense of place.

Our budding cartographers have also been thinking about the struggles of mapping the surface of a three-dimensional Earth onto the two-dimensional medium of paper. We’ve been thinking about the accuracy of maps and globes and whether or not either are actually a true representation of the planet.

Most recently we have become more precise (and are incorporating some math!) in our ability to locate the continents and oceans by learning how to read lines of longitude and latitude.

We will continue to study different types of maps such as political and physical maps and we will eventually create our own relief maps from salt dough.

This study of the nature of geography and the language of cartography will eventually lead us to the study of natural resources available around the world which will in turn guide us to our study of Culture.

Ms. Sonya and Ms. Marcy

Upcoming Dates:

October 26- Family Friday- Personal Narrative Share

January 24- Trip to Botanic Garden (Workshop)