PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Weekly Dance Update – 11/16/18

So many creative adventures happening in the dance room this week!

The kindergarten classes performed their sandwich dances both for their partners and the class. They also learned a new partner dance about a shoemaker using big and small movements. First grade continued their study of pathways and traveling through space by working with a partner using the shadow tool. Our second graders began thinking about all the community helpers they see everyday in the neighborhood.  Next week, they get to brainstorm movement gestures that describe the work these helpers share.

In third grade, the dance students continue to explore the connections between movement and text, while specifically focusing on the concept of punctuation marks. Next, they will work in small groups writing their own text and creating short movement studies.  The fourth graders will begin to think about artistic values and then collaborate their ideas by writing a class mission statement. Fifth graders have begun a language arts and dance investigation. These students are analyzing the action words in various poems and will work in small groups to create a short original dance work involving a verb chain.

The fifth grade dance elective students are back in small groups writing texts for a movement movie. These dancers are exploring words and movement, while applying choreographic tools already learned. And finally, our oldest dancers are working in small groups to link movement ideas together using transitions and the composition strategy of flocking.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane