PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

FaceLab Begins!

Today we had our first session with our FaceLab instructor, Mr. Leo! After filling out a pre-assessment the students were introduced to the concept of systems and they learned what a robot is. Then they got to open up their Lego Mindstorms kits and build a gear system, as the first step towards building their ‘bots.

Thank you so much to our wonderful parent volunteers, who’ve made the commitment to be here each week for the students: Tricia Ragone, Yulianna Shamayev, and Danielle Elias. Thanks as well to Mr. Jose, who will be working with us (and who took the photos you can view in the slide show below). But the biggest thanks of all goes to you all, our families, because it’s your donations to the PTO that have made this possible. The supplemental materials you donated to our classroom (the gears toy, the ‘spot the difference’ books, etc.) have also helped our children be prepared – though they just thought they were having fun while using them!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a restful long weekend!

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