PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update, Week of 11/19/18

This week, Kindergarten finished painting their “10 lines, 10 different ways” lesson. First grade painted their magical Art Nouveau trees while Second grade students finished the stamps for the BSI post office and began to draw insects on the classroom post office boxes. Third grade learned interesting facts about Hippos, and began to draw them in their multimedia pieces. We looked at a wonderful Hippo print by the artist Michele Micesz.
Fourth graders finished their “Bad Hair Day” self portraits and began to work on creating “Alphabeasties,” animals made out of the letters in their name. One class in Fifth grade finished their Zentangle names, while another just began theirs. The goal is to create as many negative spaces as possible with their name, and then fill those spaces with beautiful Zentangle patterns.
Sixth grade finished their reverse painted acetate self portraits. Seventh grade began work on self portraits using the “Grid Method”. We looked at the work of Chuck Close, a world famous portraitist, who uses the grid method to great effect.
Eighth grade continued to work on skateboards based upon Japanese artist Takashi Murakami’s style continued.
The 5th grade Art Elective is learning all about pop up cards, and constructing 3D pop ups out of paper.
The 7th grade Fine Arts Elective are working on their Micrography self portraits.
The 8th grade Fine Arts Elective are working on completing their portfolios.