PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

The Problem of the Month: January

The entire middle school (grades 6-8) works on the same Problem of the Month for one month. Assigned on the first day of the month and due on the last, the Problem of the Month requires students to problem solve and use critical thinking to work through real life problems. The problem is divided into five levels, starting with level A and ending with level E. The levels are made up of similar but more and more challenging problems all connected by a central theme. Here is January’s Problem of the Month. Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 9.13.25 PMScreen Shot 2019-01-07 at 9.13.33 PMScreen Shot 2019-01-07 at 9.13.44 PMScreen Shot 2019-01-07 at 9.13.52 PMScreen Shot 2019-01-07 at 9.14.05 PM