PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update week of 1/7/19

Kindergarteners finished collaging their multi-media penguins.
First graders finished painting black patterns on their Anasazi style white clay pinch pots and sealed them with Mod Podge.
Second graders have started painting their paper maché puppet heads.
Third grade are finishing a layered Notan cut-out. Notan is the Japanese concept of positive and negative space, involving the placement of light and dark elements. Most commonly these elements are paper shapes that are “flipped out” of a square to create beautiful compositions.
Fourth grade looked at the work of Andy Warhol and “Pop Art,” the British and American movement of the late 1950’s that focused on popular culture, the media, and mass production amongst other things. They learned about Warhol’s soup can paintings, and have been assigned to create a soup can and logo that reflects some aspect of their personality or things they like to do.
Fifth grade are creating their names in one point perspective, utilizing a vanishing point, baseline, horizon line, and orthogonals.
Sixth graders are finishing their onomatopoeia project, in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.
Seventh graders have finished their imaginary symmetrical insects after having looked at the work of French artist Bernard Durin. We looked at the work of National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore who has embarked on an ambitious project called the Photo Ark and is photographing every animal around the world in order to bring attention to endangered species. Each student will research and select an endangered or threatened animal, where it lives and approximately how many are left in the wild. They will then sketch their animal and once completed, will create a scratchboard portrait.
Eighth graders have begun their Chuck Close grid method self portraits.

Seventh grade Fine Arts Elective students finished their Micrography self portraits, and are beginning a still life unit.
Fifth grade Elective students finished their pop up card unit and have begun learning about mosaics.