PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Super Readers and Writers!

We are learning to be SUPER READERS!!  Students have been learning different strategies or “super powers” for reading words in books.  We learned our first strategy last week: Pointer Power!  Kindergarteners learned to point under each word as they read familiar books and poems.  Students had most of the words memorized so they just had to focus on matching each word said to a word on the page.  Some other strategies we have learned are Picture Power (using pictures to help figure out words) and Sound Power (using the letters and sounds we know to help figure out words.)  Please continue to make sure your child comes to school each day with his/her book baggie including all of his/her books and his/her super hero card (Yellow Card with Super Reader Character picture on it.)  We are all excited to use our strategies to read lots of words.

We have also been learning how to write true stories across several pages just like real authors do.  We practiced telling stories to a partner and then thinking about the beginning, middle and end when we write them down.  We learned that including who is in your story (characters), where it took place (setting) and what happened there (action) are important for the reader to know what your story is about. We also learned to revise our work to make it better. Finally we published our books by coloring the pictures and making a cover, before we share them with others.  Writing true stories is something you can encourage your child to do at any time.