PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

401 Blog: Week of 2/4/19

Hello Everyone,

Here is a heads up about some of the work we will be doing this week.3-new-amsterdam-granger

Social Studies:

  • We will be presenting our power point presentations about what life was like in Colonial America.
  • We will also be discussing the Dutch influence of the development of America.



  • We will continue to review the 2018 ELA State Test in order to better understand the kind of writing that will be expected for the exam. We have been practicing short answer responses and this week we will be looking at essays.
  • We are also hoping to start our Historical Fiction Writing Unit this week (although we may not get to it because we have Tuesday off). Historical fiction is a wonderful unit, the students should really enjoy it.



  • We are moving off of our division unit and going into fractions. Fractions can be difficult, but with the foundation we’ve built in division, the students should be able to jump right in.



  • We will continue our read aloud of ‘The One and Only Ivan’.
  • We will also continue individual reading assessments with students.
  • There will also be quite a lot of current events articles to read this week!