PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Movers and Shakers in Room 301! – 2/8/19

In kindergarten, students played Magician and Puppet and CopyCat to explore focus and its effect on movement patterns. First graders continued their work on creating machine dances. These dancers are being encouraged to try on concepts previously learned including; focus, pathway, direction, level, size and space. The second graders are busy working in new groups creating a final World Celebration Dance that reflects many different cultures.

Third grade dancers have begun a math and dance unit.  Students will explore the connection between movement and numbers. The photos shown below are from their final plant dance projects. And our fourth graders are preparing to launch into Classical Indian Dance next week. In fifth grade, dancers are presenting and assessing their poetry in motion projects. Students are thinking about how choreographers use the feedback from others to improve the quality of their work.

The fifth grade dance elective students have finished their final improvisational project. These dance students demonstrated such incredible imagination and creativity in their choreographic works. Next, they will be exploring movement for athletes while starting to think about ideas  for an independent compositional project. Lastly, our middle school dancers shared their pathways dances from last week. Students created duets and trios showing their understanding of moving on straight, curved and zig-zag lines. This week, the dancers were introduced to the concept of focus and its impact on movement as a choreographic tool. Improvisational games were used to explore the topic. Students were also shown parts of Revelations, by Alvin Ailey, and asked to analyze for fundamental dance concepts.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane