PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

401 Class Blog Week of 2/25/19


I hope everyone had a fun break.  Here are a few things our class will be working on this week:


  • We will continue working on our fractions unit and start discussing the concept of redistribution (sharing differently).

Social Studies:

  • We will continue to examine the causes of the Revolutionary War. We will learn about the French and Indian War and how that had a direct impact on the Colonists wanting to break away from Great Britain.
  • We will be learning about several important African Americans in the Colonial Period and the impact they had on history.


  • We will be looking at the concept of ‘theme’ and how that helps us understand writing better.
  • We will continue reading ‘The One and Only Ivan’.
  • We will continue to build our reading stamina.
  • We will begin our next big writing unit: Non Fiction Writing.