PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Independent Writing Projects

Third graders are embarking on Independent Writing Projects. The purpose of these projects is to:

  • Explore genres that we won’t explore in class
  • Give students choice
  • Work through the writing process independently
  • Plan a piece of writing from beginning to end
  • Introduce the concept of time management (pacing yourself in order to meet a deadline)

In class, we are supporting this project by providing your child with a special Independent Writing Folder. We have also given students calendars, and provided time for students to plan out their pacing.

In 301, there is a class due date. All projects will be due on APRIL 29th, which is after Spring Break. Students can also hand it in on April 18th (before Spring Break begins)

In 302, students have set their own due date. The dates are marked on the classroom calendar, and on their individual calendars.

We expect students to go through the entire writing process. This will include days for planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. This is a student-driven project. Writers will have the opportunity to conference (check-in) with their teacher during the school day.

We would really like to see what students can do independently. They are capable of amazing things! Please don’t intervene, or correct, or edit their writing.

Also, this process is expected to take time. Please have your child use their self-paced calendar to stay on track.

We are expecting students to hand in both the DRAFT and the PUBLISHED PIECE by the due date.

Happy writing!

Upcoming Dates:

March 21- Math Mock, Day 1

March 28- Math Mock, Day 2