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BSI Newsletter Month of April

BSI Newsletter

BSI Newsletter

We can’t believe it is April already!

There are lots of exciting events and happenings ahead of us. Our 8th graders are getting ready to graduate and participate in senior festivities. The seventh graders will soon go on their overnight trip to Boston. The sixth graders are planning their evening dance night. Fifth graders are embarking on their immigration study.  The Shakespeare residency is scheduled to launch on May 6th in fourth-grade classrooms. Our third graders are in the midst of their coding space enrichment.  The second graders are eagerly waiting for the New Amsterdam Day. Last but not least, the Kindergartners will soon open up their very own K Cafe.

We are looking forward to the Friends & Family day on May 31st when we will come together for a morning of fun activities as a community.

Thank you to all the families that showed up for parent/teacher conferences. Being that we are a commuter school, each and every face to face meeting is invaluable.

I will take the time to highlight one of our core values which is teamwork. It spans far and wide from staff working collaboratively together and seeking out every opportunity to tackle something as a team, to an infinite amount of student group work in the classrooms and of course partnerships with parents. Just last week the diversity committee was here to meet with student government and discuss diversity in our classroom libraries. Our students were beyond thrilled to be able to partner up with this parent committee and begin sifting through the libraries.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”  Mattie Stepanek. (Child prodigy, poet, peace advocate, and motivational speaker)

Schoolwide News

Talent Show  

The BSI Student Government is planning our 2nd Annual K-8 Talent Show.  It will take place on Friday, May 17th, from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  Auditions will take place on Tuesday, April 9th, with prior sign up only.  We are very proud of our Student Government and all of their efforts!


Our first Science Project Share was a lot of fun! Most importantly it was a rich experience for students. Of course, learning about science is at the core of a science project, however, the real goldmine is that it encompasses so many other opportunities for learning. Research, math, discussions, computer skills, and creativity, just to name a few.

A few weeks prior to the share, I had the pleasure of popping into one of the classrooms and listening in on a group of students discussing an ethical issue they stumbled upon during the research part of their work, falsification of data. The learning experiences that come out from students engaging in this type of work are endless.

We are looking forward to expanding the share next year.



We are still in need of more communal supplies to stay healthy. We are asking each family to send in the following:
  • 1 bottle of hand soap
  • 1 package of baby wipes
Thank you for your support.

NYC School Survey 

If you have not already done so please fill out a school survey which can be found here:


Spring Open House (prospective families)  

These dates are tentative and depend on when the G&T results will come out.
We anticipate holding our Kindergarten Open houses this year on Tuesday, April 16th and Tuesday, April 17th from 8:15 to 10:00 am.  Many of you have helped out in the past with leading the tours or signing families in and know how much fun it is meeting new families and sharing the excitement of BSI. 
We need your help to sign families in and to lead the tours!  Please sign up here if you are available. We appreciate all the help. 

Upcoming Events:

Please keep an eye on our calendar for school holidays and upcoming events. (for details go to the main calendar and click on the event details)