PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance – 9/27/19

Dance Room Update!

This week in dance, kindergarteners defined personal and general spaces through various creative movement games. They learned a new dance called the “kicking dance”. The first graders continue to explore and embody the different ways we can move our bodies in these spaces including the use of locomotor and non-locomotor actions.


In second grade, dancers are exploring transitioning shapes and how they can move from one place to another. Third graders have been working with the letters in their names. This week students will collaborate with partners to find connections in their name dances.

In fourth grade, students practice collaborative group work by solving movement problems. How can we use our bodies to spell out a word for the audience to see? What strategies will help our group be successful?

Fifth graders learned about the “cypher” and the “five main ingredients” in hip-hop culture. This week they continued studying technique both in footwork and body isolations. Our middle school dance elective students continue their investigation of body alignment and awareness. After establishing the initial five -minute warm-up, they learned a 4/8 sequence using isolations and turns. Next, they worked in small groups to manipulate the phrase and create a variation to different music. These older dancers will continue their body investigation next week by exploring shapes and space.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane