PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

301 Blog: Week of 10/7/19

Hello Everyone!

Here are some updates about what we have been up to in 301:

Math: We are continuing our unit on subtraction unit and looking at different kinds of subtraction word problems (removal, missing part, or comparison). We have also been learning how to clearly write out an equation to represent different word problems, as well as the best way to solve them. This coming week we will be discussing how we can use landmark numbers (50, 100, 175, etc.) on the number line to help us compare numbers.

Social Studies: Last week we learned about political maps and created our own maps with our social studies partners. This week we will be discussing other kinds of maps such as physical, resource, and rainfall maps. Next week we will start our Salt Clay Relief Map projects: The students will create their own 3D maps of a continent that they have chosen with their SS partners. This will be a very fun, messy project! A google doc has been sent out to sign up for contributing materials. If you are able to contribute anything it would be greatly appreciated.

Writing: This week we will continue to draft and revise our personal narrative writing pieces. There may be a few students who may even be ready to start a new personal narrative before the week is over. At the end of the unit, students will pick which of their two personal narratives they would like to publish.

Reading: In reading we will begin our Mystery unit. In this unit we discuss the elements of the mystery genre as well as get to explore many different mystery novels.


  • We are off of school this Wednesday, 10/9/19. School will resume on Thursday.
  • This Friday, 10/11/19, will be 3rd Grade Pajama Day. If your child would like to participate, please allow them to come in in PJs. I will show up in slippers, my jammies, and a robe!
  • If you are able to contribute your time to come into the classroom, we are looking for volunteers to come in and help out with the salt relief maps. Please contact me ( if you are interested.