PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Room Happenings – 10/25/19

In Kindergarten, students learned a new partner dance called the “Shoe Maker Dance”. These young dancers continue to explore fundamental elements of dance including how movement looks and feels on a different levels. First graders are examining how size can affect locomotor and non-locomotor movement. This week, they used the “Trees and Giants” game to embody those concepts. Our second grade dancers are brainstorming movement ideas that will show how the community helpers in our neighborhood might move in space. These students are preparing to construct their very own second grade community dance.

In third grade, dancers are working in small groups to show action words in movement sentences. Fourth graders discussed the meaning of artistic values. These students are preparing to write a class mission statement that will document their ideas and serve as a visual reminder for successful collaborative group work. Fifth graders discussed anti-bullying and the meaning of respect this week. These dancers will now use the hip-hop technique they have learned to create a class dance inspired by anti-bullying.

Finally, the middle school dance elective students are finishing up group studies focusing on relationships. This week, they worked in small groups to explore the concept of balance and how that idea can be incorporated into choreography.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane