PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Science Grades 6-8, November Update

The 6th grade is nearing the end of our study of the weather. Our final project together is going to be to determine whether climate change is currently affecting NYC. We will be graphing the average temperature for each day and compare it to this year’s weather.

The 7th grade is now at the midway point in our Chemistry unit. Last week we studied chemical solutions and grew our own crystals. This week we will discuss acids and bases and determine which antacid brand is the best. We still have a lot left to cover, in particular- polymers, forces between molecules, metals, combustion, and kinds of reactions.

The 8th grade is now in the midst of our largest unit of the year- human anatomy & physiology. Previously, we discussed digestion and analyzed foods for their nutrient content. Last week we used analyzed urine (simulated) to check for different kidney problems. Coming up soon are the respiratory & circulatory systems. This unit will probably last through January.