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GR2 Blog Week of 12/9

Dear Families, 

Welcome back from what we hope was a wonderful holiday. Here is a look at what will be going on in second grade in the upcoming weeks.

In Math Workshop, we are well into the data portion of our Measurement and Data unit. We learned about line plots and bar graphs as a way to organize data. Now we will be learning how to collect, categorize, and record data. Students will be working  to create a question to ask their classmates and teachers in order to find out more about our classmates. Once they gather their results, the partnerships need to sit and think about how to organize all that information, which can be a daunting task depending on the number of different answers they may have received. The students are working with their partners to create a poster showing all of their gathered information in a way that can be easily and quickly understood by others. They will do this by first deciding how to present the information. Most kids will make either a bar graph or line plot graph. We can’t wait to share some pictures of their work! 

Here is a model of what the two types of graphs should look like:


Here are examples of students work:


In Writer’s Workshop, we are beginning to finish our nonfiction drafts. We can collectively come together to create a list of features that we notice nonfiction books have. We will be focusing on each of these features and will try adding them into our books. It is wonderful to hear the students telling each other what they have learned from their research. Make sure you talk with them at home about it too! 

In Reader’s Workshop, we are coming to the end of our shared read aloud, Puppy Power. We have been focusing on character traits and patterns in the book. Fran, our main character goes through many changes and emotions in the story. We are thinking deeply and using our prior knowledge from our life experiences to help solve Fran’s problems.  We will then conclude this unit by talking about what makes a good friend. We will talk about what we look for in a good friend and how we can be a good friend. Then we will create a friendship quilt! 

Just a reminder this coming Friday, December 13th will be Family Friday! The PTO meeting will begin at 830am in the auditorium and move directly into Family Friday. We will be reading “A Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats. Our class will then be creating beautiful winter snowman that they will then be able to take home and enjoy all winter long. 

Thank you to all of the families that donated pajamas to the Scholastic Pajama Drive. We greatly appreciate it! 

Upcoming Events:

December 13th (920-1005) Family Friday 

***If you are taking your child home after please be sure to submit a dismissal change with the office 

December 18th (1015-1055) Holiday/Birthday Celebration 
December 23rd-January 1st Winter Recess 
January 6th (trip slips coming soon)  Seaport Museum Trip

If you have any questions please feel free to email us. 

Have a wonderful week! 

Ms. Mathis and Ms. Mila