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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been sending out class emails recently with various bits of news but a few family members have been telling me that they have not been receiving them. So I just wanted to resend the news through our blog.


You probably heard the news from your child yesterday… we started a recorder enrichment yesterday. Students will receive instruction on how to play the recorder and read music every Wednesday through the spring. At the end of the year, the students will be able to keep their instruments.
A few things to keep in mind:
-Kids will bring their recorders home to practice. Ms. Sarah, their instructor, has advised them to practice for 5 minutes a night. Yesterday the kids learned how to put their recorders together, how to hold them, and the notes A and B.
Students must bring their recorders to school every Wednesday, or they will not be able to participate. 
-The cases need to be returned at the end of the year, so please do not write on the cases.
2nd Grade Post Office:
Just a reminder that next week our class will be mailing letters through the second grade post office. We have already started writing letters to other students in the school. Please allow students to work on letters at home if they wish to do so. The students seem very excited to send their letters.
Another reminder: a stamp for a letter costs 5 cents and a postcard costs 25 cents.
I apologize if anyone has not been receiving our class emails. Sorry for the confusion.