PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

301 Blog: Week of 1-27-20

Hello Everyone,

It’s amazing that it is almost the end of January already! Here are a few announcements and reminders about what’s coming up in class.

  • We will be having a mock ELA exam on the mornings of Thursday, January 30th and Friday, January 31st. We will simulate real testing conditions for the class. The goal is for students to get acclimated to taking a standardized test.
  • Our trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is next Wednesday, February 5th. We have received almost all the permission slips from students, however if you have not turned one in yet, please do so as soon as possible. This week, I will be reaching out to family members who have volunteered to chaperone. Thanks.
  • Please remember to send your student in with their recorders every Wednesday.

Here is what we will be working on this week:

Math: We will be starting our division unit with an investigation based on a banquette dinner. A certain amount of guests have been invited to a dinner party but the host cannot figure out how many tables will be needed to accommodate everyone. We will be diving into this problem and discussing strategies we can use to solve it.

Writing: We have been researching about the topics for our all about books and also taking a close look at nonfiction text features and how they can help a reader understand the information being presented to them. Now we will be organizing our work in a way that will draw our readers in and present information in the clearest way possible.

Reading: We will continue to work on how to respond to a nonfiction text through writing. We will analyze the main idea and the authors purpose.