PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

January in the Dance Room!


What a great start to the New Year!

Kindergarten students continue to learn about the fundamental elements of dance through fun movement exercises and games. Over the last several weeks they have been exploring direction and focus and what that means as we move our bodies through different spaces.  First graders are deepening their understanding of these same concepts. These students are beginning to experiment with thinking about more than one element as they create, perform and respond to dances. Recently, first grade choreographers began creating machine dances. Students were asked to think about all of the spatial elements they have learned in the past unit including; size, level, pathways, direction and focus. Second graders finished their World Cultural Celebrations Unit and enjoyed sharing their original works with their classes. Students worked in small groups practicing counting music, defining rhythm and designing formations for dancers on stage. Our next unit will examine the movement we see from animals and how that might look and feel on our bodies?

In third grade, students have shifted from literacy/movement connections into exploring scientific ideas using dance.  These dancers studied the parts and functions of a plant and then created movement to reflect their findings.  Students are learning about where choreographers get their ideas for dances and how movement can support learning in other subject areas. The fourth graders are still working on their Hip-Hop/ Anti-Bullying unit. Students continue to learn about the technique of this dance genre as well as  its historical content. Next, they will discuss how movement can be used to communicate ideas and feelings about ant-bullying, community and respect. These students will create their own movement to add to a class dance entitled “Hopeful”. In fifth grade, students are discussing probability and the likelihood of an event occurring.  Dancers are working with partners to create a “coin dance” that uses movement, metered music and the toss of a coin to show a dance sequence in A and B terms.

And finally, the middle school dance elective students have been busy solidifying their music for their independent projects. Our oldest dancers continue to explore technique and choreographic tools using many of the fundamental elements of dance. This month they are focusing on space and many of its different characteristics.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane