PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

3-302 Updates

Dear Families,

We hope that you are well despite the circumstances. It is strange to be in school today without the children. We are thinking about them and we are hard at work planning for these next few weeks. 

We have uploaded some assignments to School Loop for your children to work on this week. Over the next few weeks, reading and writing will probably look similar to what is posted now. Math assignments will vary, as we want to provide a mix of computer and pencil-based work for the children to complete. We will also include math games, math challenges, and non-routine problems each week. Social Studies will be forthcoming, but will most likely be a mix of assignments and mini projects.

We are attaching a sample schedule that your child can follow each day. This is modeled after our schedules at school. The schedule is just a suggestion, your child does not have to follow it, but we have found that kids usually work better with structure. As well as academics, we have built in times for your child to take breaks and eat lunch.

Whenever assignments are attached as PDF files, you can either print a copy at home or your child can complete the work in a notebook. We recommend that students have a Reading Notebook, Writing Notebook, and Math Notebook at home, just as they do in school. Other useful supplies to have on hand include plenty of pencils and pens, as well as construction paper for art projects. 

Art, Science, Dance, and PE assignments will come directly from the cluster teachers themselves. 

We know that things are very different right now, and that the circumstances are difficult for a lot of children. Please know that we are here for you as your children’s teachers, and that you can reach out to us for whatever you need. We hope to maintain a sense of community throughout.

Thank you and be well.

Ms. Anne & Mr. O’Hickey

Gr3 Schedule for Home