PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 7 Humanities: Week of 1/25/2021: The Constitution V1

Dear Families,

We asked:

How do I begin to create a political cartoon on The Articles of Confederation?

  • Ponder our study of The Revolutionary War and the difficult task of creating and governing a new nation
  • Think about how each article does (or doesn’t!) meet the needs of different states with different needs and challenges
  • Consider what point you want to make about this topic

What do I want to say about The Articles of Confederation? 

  • Choose an angle/opinion and find your “voice”
  • Take a look at other political cartoons on any topic  (we’ve looked at a variety of them in class!) 
  • What point do I want to make about the document and/or American society & government?
  • Keep it simple!

We created:



Ms. Sacilotto