Math Parent Workshop from January 13, 2015 Grade 2- Addition and Subtraction Strategies- Thinking Flexibly (PPT)
Math Parent Workshop from January 5, 2016  K/1 Developing Addition Strategies (PPT)
Math Presentation from 3/3/15 with Marcy Multiplication  (PPT)
Science Presentation from 2/25/15 with Ms. Mallery and Mrs. Seitz Science at BSI (PPT)
Literacy Presentation from Family Friday on 2/6/15 with Mrs. Anna Writing in K-2 Classrooms
Math Presentation from 1/14/15 with Marcy Addition and Subtraction Strategies
Math Presentation from 12/3/14 with Marcy Learning The Basic Addition Facts 1-2
Literacy Presentation from Together Thursday 10/29/14 and 12/11/14 with Mrs.Stewart and Sara Writer’s Notebook  
Math Presentation from 10/24/14 with Marcy Developing Mathematical Reasoning K-2
Literacy Presentation: Meeting Comprehension Demands  (videos)
Math Presentation: Rethinking Math  (videos)