PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 7 Media Literacy: America in the Media Final Project

Seventh graders have completed their final America in the Media project. Their task was to analyze news, politics, movies, tv, radio, advertising, etc. to piece together a visual narrative of how America has been represented as well as how it has changed over time. If you take the information that’s been compiled from all three website, you almost have an entire American History textbook. Below is what was expected from each student:

  • A written analysis of your interpretation of how your topic reflected your assigned decade (or how your assigned decade reflected your topic).
    • choose five artifacts to focus on
    • how has the American value system been represented during this time period?
    • in what ways has the American value system changed over time?
    • to what extent are the politics of this time represented in pop culture?
  •  Artifacts (five from your written analysis plus whatever else you’d like)
    • high resolution images
    • high quality videos from youtube
    • video interviews of a family member (optional)
      • an interview from a family member that lived through the time period you’re focusing on would add another level to your analysis

Below are links to the final projects. Enjoy!

701: America in the Media website

702: America in the Media website

703: America in the Media website