PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gr5 HW + Writing Due Date!

Writing HW

  • If you didn’t write in your WNB at all, please make sure to collect an entry in it tonight
  • Continue drafting your writing piece, if you finished “trying it out in different genres”. Remember, you want to finish drafting by this weekend because next week we will focus on REVISING and EDITING portions of the WRITING PROCESS. Make sure to give and receive constructive and helpful peer feedback from your writing buddy. Also, DO NOT FORGET to share your doc with Sevgi to get feedback! (Doc naming convention is Gr5 First Name Last Name Title of your Writing Piece

(Examples how how you can give constructive feedback to your writing partner NO JUDGEMENTS!)

I notice_________
You may want to add______
Could you please elaborate _________
I really liked ____________
Could you make this part clearer by _______________
Try to read your writing partner’s piece aloud. Notice punctuation, notice spacing, notice font and indenting, notice capitalization, notice the words he/she uses, notice if it is clear and makes sense to a reader. Notice if it is descriptive and easy to follow along (has a flow and voice) Notice the genre he/she is writing in)
  • Writing piece Due date: Friday, Oct 20, 2017 (If you need an extension and you speak to me about it in advance then due date will be Monday, October 23rd.
Our next writing unit will begin on Monday, October 23rd  – PERSONAL ESSAY. You can work on your writing outside of school, if you have access to google docs at home. You have the option to type or hand write it out. All writing pieces will always have that option. All WNB entries are encouraged to be handwritten in blue/blank ink or pencil only (no neon colors, please!) unless it was a deliberate choice. There will always be random WNB checks in Humanities class, so please make sure you are holding yourself accountable to collect 4 entries per week! NO EXCUSES, make time!
Social Studies HW
Finish researching your theory, so you can come in prepared to teach your group about it tomorrow. You will also have more time to work together in your groups, tomorrow, but we will be limited on time since we are also having a Socratic Seminar.
Socratic Seminar Prep, for FRIDAY
Tomorrow, is our first Socratic Seminar. Please teach/talk to your families about what a Socratic Seminar is (what it entails, norms, structure, history, purpose etc..)  Feel free to show them the 2 min youtube/powtown video we watched about how a socratic seminar is structured. Bring in your Tiger Rising reading and be prepared to share your ideas, ask questions and listen with empathy and for understanding. You will take notes on your fishbowl partner.
Your weekend hw is to practice your reading goal as you read independently, continue to collect in your WNB and continue finishing up your draft. May the force be with you!