PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Review: K-5 Week of 11/10

There was an abundance of movement this week in the dance room. Kindergarteners continued their exploration of locomotor movement by learning how to move across the floor with different actions. And in first grade, the students are finishing up their physical study of size. Now they get to apply what they know in a “sandwich dance” using the ABA format to create a dance around the concept of big and small.

In second grade, they have started to look at insects and how they move at different speeds, levels and with various locomotor actions. These dancers are using mirror and shadow skills to connect with partners.

Third grade dancers did an enormous job with their “partner name dances”. They needed to find a connected shape within the combination of their names. Next week we move on to the rhythm and feel of the syllables. And finally, our oldest dancers in the fourth and fifth grade finished their movement sentence performances. We have started a hip-hop unit with a focus on anti-bullying. This unit of study will give students many opportunities to learn new skills and create individual dances.