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Gr2 Week of 11/6/17: New Month, New Beginnings

Dear Families,

As we enter a new month we are also beginning new units. As we approach these new units we will need some support on your end. Our students will be diving into the world of Nonfiction reading and writing. They are very excited!

Our students will begin by sifting through many different types of nonfiction books and creating their own noticings and wonderings. We are noticing things that are in common across the genre and also things that are different. We will begin to think more deeply about why authors have chosen these specific topics to write about. We will also be thinking about questions like:

  • How do authors form questions?
  • Why did they choose to include this information in their book?
  • How did they get the answers to those questions?

Through our reading unit we will transition into our actual writing of nonfiction. Our noticings and wonderings will help us to build the structure of our books. As we are sifting and reading through different types of nonfiction books we will be taking notice of what interests us as readers. Our students will be making a list of topics that interest them. Once a topic is chosen your child will be bringing home a letter that looks like this:

Dear Families,

Your child will be making an All About Book. Your child will be studying _________. We are creating a basket for his/her research. Can you please send in any books, artifacts and/or printouts.

Thank you,

The Second Grade Team

Once your child chooses their topic, we will need you to help fill their bag with information for them to use. This is a great opportunity to take your student to the library to grab some age appropriate books on their nonfiction topic. Once we have our research books in class we will be working through the research process as a whole. We will be sharing work with you along the way. Keep up on the blog for updates on your amazing kids work!


  • Parent Teacher Conferences – November 16, 2017 Be on the lookout for a signup sheet. Please note conferences are 10 minutes long and we strictly adhere to the time. If another meeting is needed it can be scheduled during Family Engagement Time.
  • Pajama Day – November 17, 2017
  • Wyckoff House Trip: 201 – December 1, 2017

         202 – November 29, 2017

Have a great week!

Ms. Mathis and Ms. Anne