PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update, week of 12/4/17

In preparation to create self-portraits, Kindergarten looked at various artists, and thought about how people’s facial expressions show their mood. They observed themselves in a mirror and drew their faces. First grade just started their dye-transfer Seahorse collages by collaging tissue paper onto white paper, releasing the dye from the tissue. Second grade painted their puppet heads, while Third grade finished their Laurel Burch Cats and dogs with analogous colors, and then created color indexes which will be reflected in their yarn weaving. Fourth grade is finishing up their Pop Art personality soup cans and fifth grade learned how to work with foil, tape, and plaster to create action figure sculptures.
Sixth grade is working with wire to create their self-portraits, and Seventh grade continued to draw their sneaker designs in five different views. Eight grade sketched 3 design ideas for their Murakami inspired skateboards, from which they will choose one to go to a finished size skateboard deck on tag board.