PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gr6 Humanities: Come see our projects!

We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks researching our individual questions about different African countries.  Our questions range from:

  • How has copper, being Zambia’s most valuable resource, affected the country from 1920-2017?
  • How have shifts in Cape Verde’s population affected their economy?
  • Why are people in Libya being enslaved?
  • How did the ivory trade affect the elephant population in Cote D’ivoire?
  • How is the home life of Zimbabwean citizens affected by their government’s stance on LGBTQ+ citizens?
  • How has colonization affected the way of life and the political stance in Gambia?

Just to name a few. Students researched, analyzed, and presented their data in compelling ways on their poster boards. Thank you again for organizing to get the poster boards delivered!

Please join us this week:

Students in 601 will be presenting their work on Thursday, December 21st at 1:20pm in the library.

Students in 602 will be presenting their work on Friday, December 22nd at 10:10am in Room 418.