PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

DANCE Room Update: K-5 (1/12/18)

In kindergarten, dancers are exploring the concept of level using “mirror” and “shadow”. These young students get to be both leaders and followers.  First graders were deep in thought composing a “cinquain” poem about focus. This was followed by a movement activity involving finding colors around the room.

Second grade dancers are creating dances inspired by the movements found in our “city jobs”. This includes actions that we notice construction workers, policeman, firefighters and doctors doing in our communities.  And third graders have begun a study of “verbs” or action words and how they can be put into movement sentences.

The fourth and fifth graders are continuing their investigation of comparing cultural dances. This week, we read a book called Let’s Dance, by G. Ancona. Students were able to take turns being geographers and locating different areas on a world map where dances originated. We continued our study of Latin Dance and practiced the bachata, merengue, salsa/mambo and the cha cha. Soon we will begin to apply these new skills with a partner. Coming up in the next couple of weeks, we will take a look at Classical Indian Dance.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Diane