PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Room Update: K-5th Week of 2/1/18


It was movement sentences galore this week in room 301! In 4th and 5th grade, students took a short break from comparing cultural dances to create, perform and respond to movement sentences composed of locomotor and non-locomotor words. Each group was given the task to use four different action words, create a beginning and ending shape and use various dance element concepts. Both grades showed creativity and imagination in their thoughtful planning and demonstrations. Just a few more to see next week, and then back to studying both Indian and Israeli Folk Dances.


Third graders finished up their movement sentences reflecting verbs, or action words. We talked about what a good audience member looks and sounds like. These dancers got to practice what we talked about by being in the “audience box” and supporting their classmates.


Second graders got to present their “city job” dances exploring sequencing and unison. Students needed to work together to remember movement gestures and then practice dancing it together. Our first graders have begun a new unit surrounding the concepts of shapes. This week, they got to move through a “shape museum” consisting of different photos around the room displaying objects, landscapes, animals and artwork.  In partners, these dancers were to notice and talk about any lines or shapes they could identify. Next, they get to try those shapes on their bodies and work rhythmically to change from one shape to the next.


Our littlest dancers are exploring different pathways in space including straight, curved and zig-zag. These students are learning how to travel through space using the different pathways. They also got to draw the pathways on paper in preparation for a pathways map connecting lines and shapes in the weeks to come.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane